Jewellery Care

Store your jewellery in a soft lined pouch or box separately so they don't damage eachother. To clean your jewellery, please rub gently with a soft lint free cloth or you can visit a jeweller every couple of years to get them ultrasonically cleaned and polished.

All our jewellery unless otherwise stated is made of Sterling Silver, with Gold Vermeil or Rose Gold or Black Rhodium plated over the top.

Precious metals naturally tarnish with the exposure to air as well as perfumes, moisturiser, make up, hairspray, perspiration, household cleaning products, chlorine and salt. Please avoid exposing your jewellery to these conditions and always remove before swimming/showering/exercising/sleep to extend your jewellery's life and shine.

Gold Vermeil is a French word, now commonly used in the English language. It became a popular term in the 19th century as an alternative to the term silver-gilt. Vermeil is a combination of Sterling Silver with a layer of gold on top. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10ct and be at least 1.5micrometres thick. Any other metal plated onto Sterling Silver cannot be called vermeil. We plate our sterling silver with 22 or 18-carat gold and 2 microns thick.

Oxydised silver is Sterling Silver that has been through an oxidization process so that it turns black. It is not a permanent colouring and does wear off over time, especially when it gets wet. We do offer a re-oxidisation service for £7 plus delivery for any number of pieces.

Enamelled pieces are made with heated glass particles in a kiln to form a thin glass coloured layer on the surface of the jewellery - Enamel is quite fragile so please avoid knocks or bangs and sharp surfaces or the enamel may crack or chip.

Leather/suede cord - please avoid getting this wet as it may shrink, crack or rip.

Semi-precious stones are all sensitive to knocks, bangs and scratching so please be gentle with them and protect them from extreme heat or cold.