Sami Coin Bangle - oxydised silver

Sami Coin Bangle - oxydised silver



Inspired by the Sami people who inhabit the Arctic circle, and their ancient symbols for hunting, the earth and nature - all said to bring good fortune.

This stunning adjustable bangle has a delicate engraved pattern at the top, and has six double-sided coins hanging from it, featuring intricate images of a shrine to Reindeer, patterns of animals such as deer, birds, fish, the sun, moon and stars. 

Looks great on it's own or stacked with other bangles from our collection.

Handmade in our London studio from 100% recycled silver, which is then oxydised and polished to bring out the detailing.

Bangle comes beautifully packaged in a recycled No 13 box.


Bangle measures approx 6cm at widest point internal diameter, and is 0.3cm wide and 0.2cm thick.

**As this collection is inspired by an indigenous culture that is heavily affected by our actions on the planet, a percentage of the profits are donated to the National Wildlife Federation
- a conservation group which unites individuals and businesses to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment.**

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