She Says: Interview with Rachel Fortune @stylethesustainable

Rachel is a fashion veteran who has worked for a number of years as a stylist, working for and with both high end and high street brands. Her instagram is a bit of a one stop shop for beautiful images pertaining to eco living, what we love especially is the fact that she uses her platform to promote fellow eco fashionistas and brands!

No. 13- What prompted your interest in sustainable fashion?

RachelMy world was 2 sided; the throw-awayattitude of the high street juxtaposed against the detail and craftsmanship of the designer brands.  The two werent sustainably compatible, however, I was adamant that there must be a middle ground where fashion could be affordable AND ethical. Watching The True Cost documentary cemented my ideas that I had to make a change and already working in the industry, it didnt have to be just a personal one.   My love for conscious fashion has now evolved to living a more responsible lifestyle where I can inspire family, friends and my instagram followers to work towards more mindful consumption.


No. 13- For people just starting to become interested in sustainable fashion, what one piece of advice would you give them?

Rachel- Watch The True Cost documentary.  This is what really kicked started my whole sustainable journey.  It gives an honest, raw, and at times devastating, account of the fashion industry and its effect on the people who work in it and the environment needed to sustain our demand.


No. 13- Who is your current sustainable fashion crush and why?

Rachel- A tricky one!  I have so many! But if I had to say just one, it would be Samata from @iam_samata.  This girl can multi task!  Although her work as an author, writer and producer is enough to inspire most, it is her work as Global Director for Red Carpet Green Dress, a yearly campaign to highlight sustainable fashion at the Oscars, and her creation of The Tribe, a womens only community to empower and support each other, that makes her a such an influential force.  She can also carry off the most striking headscarves!  Check out her blog for her head wrap tutorials:

No. 13- What are your current three go to brands?

Image courtesy of Beaumonth Organic

Image courtesy of Beaumonth Organic


1.       Beaumont Organic:  I have loved this brand for a long time and have quite a few pieces. Based in Manchester and online, the collection is organic, ethically made and consists of contemporary designs that help to create that all-important capsule wardrobe.

2.       69b Boutique:  This is a fairly new discovery of mine and if I lived in London I think I would move in here!  Home to rails and shelves full some of the best socially and environmentally conscious brands, hours can be spent discovering and trying on everything from jeans to trainers to jewellery.  69b Boutique does not have an online shop so you need to visit in order to experience the amazing plethora of brands.

3.       Almasanta:  Like 69b Boutique, Almasanta is a go to destination for multi eco and sustainable fashion brands.  A Spanish company, based online, it has an extension collection of accessories, lingerie and clothing, ranging from day to evening wear, with a stop at the gym in between!  If you are looking for an individual and inspirational look then this is definitely the place to shop.