Taurus: Two really is better than one for 2018…

Two is the number the stars have chosen for you this year- a sidekick is in order. Whether it be work, love, or just a little side project which brings you joy, this is the year you are connecting with vibrant and unusual people. But, that isn’t even the best part, in May the revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus and is making itself comfortable. It won’t be leaving until 2026. This is the first time in 77 years and Uranus is making up for time spent away; this could be the time everything changes from appearance to belief, all will be evaluated.

Focus on the three R’s: realignment, renegotiation, and readjustment. These three R’s will help to empower the choices you make throughout the year. Uranus brings experiences, good or bad they are here to stay and you will be better for having had them.

Taurus constellation necklace

Taurus constellation necklace

Career and Money:

Uranus brings boldness, those crazy revolutionary ideas you have are the ones which are going help you reach that level of ease which you are craving (we know you’ve got expensive taste…) This is the year where it is truly vital to listen to your instincts and your vision, Uranus won’t leave you hanging. If you’re willing to be a little unconventional you could make a very wise investment this year.


You’ve grown up Taurus, you’re no longer in the business of compromising simply for the sake of keeping the peace, and it’s a good thing indeed. As you continue on this path of growth, you will also become better at speaking your truth (you go girl), this will naturally shift relationships. This openness and willingness to communicate will make you more attractive to others. If you’re willing to put in the work, by the end of the year, you should be surrounded by a tribe which loves and supports you.