YOGI, ME?! Our 5 fave styles

yoga pose

So, you’ve decided you should take up yoga. But, now that you’re seeing all the different kinds of yoga you’re second guessing yourself. ‘I’ll just stick to the treadmill” or “Yoga is probably really overrated anyway. ” Don’t worry, we’ve been there too! The beauty of Yoga is that it is a practice which truly has something for everyone. We’ve whittled down a short list of our five favourite yoga types.

If you have any others, feel free to comment below and share your favourite yoga type!

1.      Ashtanga- If you’re already an experienced practitioner looking to challenge yourself then Ashtanga is definitely for you. Ashtanga works in sequences of five; five sun salutations A and five sun salutations B which then move into standing and floor postures.

2.      Vinyasa- Looking to flow? Then Vinyasa is for you (its our personal fave - and our Yoga teacher and friend Alex is featured in the image above) Vinyasa is adopted from ashtanga with a special emphasis of coordinating your breath and movement to flow effortlessly (we try) from one pose to the next.

3.      Bikram- Few yoga styles are as polarizing as Bikram, it really is love it or hate it. Set in a room of about 40 degrees and 40 percent humidity, you will sweat in places you didn’t even know you could. The sequence is 26 postures done twice. We have a special place in our hearts for Bikram so try it at least once!

4.      Iyengar- If you haven’t read B.K.S Iyengar Light on Yoga (1966) do yourself a favor and read it, like right now! Iyengar focuses especially on alignment, the poses are held for an extended period of time allowing you to breathe into the pose.

5.      Kundalini- Kundalini is like a the perfect chocolate chip cookie, equal parts chocolate to cookie ratio. In this case, Kundalini is equal parts spiritual and physical, it’s all about releasing your kundalini energy which is in your lower spine. The classes focus especially on your core and breathing with rapid, invigorating postures, and breath exercises. We also love the focus on mantras, chanting, and meditation.






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