Gemini: Girlboss - Your Year Ahead

You have one motto this year and one motto only, get sh*t done. This year will be a year that leans more towards the serious side of life. Health, habits, and work will come into the spotlight and it will be time to evaluate how you’re doing in each aspect.

Being a girlboss can be tricky, especially for you Gemini, you are most comfortable when you’re doing everything yourself (so that it’s up to your standards). But, this year is all about learning how to delegate so you can get as much done as possible. We know asking for help is akin to pulling teeth for you, but it pays, trust us.


Lust moves to love this year and things could get super serious. This will demand a level of trust and togetherness which can be difficult for you, and may cause you to want to pull a runaway bride.

Being in a relationship is work, don’t forget that Gemini. Focus on facing your fears and getting over those nagging trust issues so that you can build an unshakable foundation. Once that foundation is set, nothing should get in the way of a happily-ever-after.

gemini constellation necklace

gemini constellation necklace


Work hard and reflect. Gemini 2.0 is coming soon so it pays to take the time to look around and reflect upon how far you have come and how far you still have left to go. Have faith in your path and in yourself, if you are willing to take a chance on your vision the pay off could could be resounding; not just financially, but emotionally as well.

Jupiter and Pluto come together to lend a helping hand. They will guide that intuition of yours to invest your time and energy in a profitable manner.