Leo - Change is a comin'

Leo constellation necklace

Leo constellation necklace

Lovely Leo, 2018-2019 are two years you are unlikely to forget. In this 24 month period the changes that occur are likely to be grand and dramatic, a little like you Leo.

For 2018, the transformations that take place are mainly related to you personally. It’s time to pause and to take a look within. It can be tiring when you feel like the journey you are on has an ever-changing destination, but as the year progresses you will start to see that the stars do in fact have a plan. Near the end of the year all of challenges will pay off in the form of increased creativity, self-expression, and generosity towards yourself and others.


This is the year the entire concept of partnership maybe turned on its head. You’re an all or nothing kind of gal and this year it’s very possible that this will be reflected in your relationship. Either straight to city hall for a quickie wedding or straight to the cemetery because the relationship is decidedly dead. As Jupiter visits your fourth house of home and family it could be time for a new step in your life, maybe moving, or even adding a little cub to the lions den.

Leo constellation ring

Leo constellation ring

Career and Money:

You’re no stranger to ambition and this year is no different. Thanks to the fact that Uranus is in your tenth house of work (for the first time in 77 years!!) things could get a little wild. Now is the time to explore all the career paths, whatever you want from lion tamer to media mogul, try everything.  But, as we know work is not always fun and games and this year means placing special emphasis on building an impenetrable foundation. No matter how impatient you get now is not the time to cut corners. If you need help consult a professional, no need to cowboy it.