Virgo - Relight Your Fire

2018..the year to relight your fire and have some fun

Did you know there's more Virgo babies than any other star sign? Lucky for us you're something rather special...whether your are or know a Virgo, here's our guide to your year ahead for life, love money and career, plus some gift suggestions to surprise and delight - sounds like your year ahead is gonna be fun-filled and full of excitement!

9ct Gold & diamond Constellation signet ring

9ct Gold & diamond Constellation signet ring

As the earth sign that you are, you know there can be times when “hermiting” feels like the best thing to do. 2018 is not the year for that. Shockingly, this may well be the year when Virgo starts feeling a bit of lion power and becomes the person you seem to see at every party. Friendships are what power you this year, these friends come from all walks of life, they may be old, and they may be new, but most importantly they are what will fuel your creative fire.


Just because true love won’t necessarily come calling this year, is no reason not to go out and enjoy yourself. Our favorite astrological perfectionist may just learn a lesson or two about love, even when it’s not Mr or Mrs right- right now might just be good enough. Now is the time to flex that flirting muscle and have some fun!

Agate is Virgo's mystical birthstone - so our Dendritic Agate rings are a perfect choice

Agate is Virgo's mystical birthstone - so our Dendritic Agate rings are a perfect choice

Money and Career:

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Whatever you want to say, until November the stars are in your favor. You’ve got the ideas to change the world, for the better. Don’t be afraid to speak up! As Uranus moves into your ninth house in May, you will be playing queen of the castle in the internet universe. From HuffPost to Twitter galore, the internet is your playground. But, make sure what you post is of substance, that is what will pay off in the long run.


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