Lookin' Good, Libra

Libra constellation ring

Libra constellation ring

Someone call the fire brigade because you, dear Libra are smokin’ hot! Things are looking up, like seriously up, this year. Self worth- check, net worth- ka-ching!

The stars have a funny way of often interconnecting these two. But it also makes sense, when you start believing in yourself and believing in the value that you have to offer, it’s much easier for other people to see it as well. While the boost starts with your paycheck in the first half of the year, your added self confidence percolates through all of the relationships you have. Now is the time to explore, not necessarily cities, but yourself. Who are you?

Libra necklace

Libra necklace

Career & Money

As we have already mentioned this is your year when it comes to career and money. Generous and abundant Jupiter spends a good chunk of the year in your second house of work and money and that was bound to make itself apparent in your bank account. We cannot stress this enough, financially speaking this could be the best year you have had in over a decade!  So get excited, but also get smart. Look into passive income options, or just make sure what you’re investing in is giving you the best possible returns.


The stars are big believers in making sure to remind us that it is very difficult to have everything in life. This is true for you in the love department, conversations this year could definitely lean towards the heavier side when it comes to family especially. It might be time to finally have those proper grown up conversations- buying a home, starting a family, and just becoming a bit more settled. The relationship you have with a mother figure in your life may undergo a serious transition. We cannot promise you that it will not be painful but trust us that it is necessary.