Clean Make-Up - Our 3 best buys

With Spring (hopefully) approaching, we are all aching for that glowing from within, dewy, fresh faced look. Maybe the answer to our fresh faced prayers is clean makeup…

But first, what is clean make up? There are a variety of interpretations, but here at no.13 it means products which are natural (formulated only with plants, or in combination with non-toxic synthetic ingredients), cruelty free, and organic. This criteria may scream unaffordable, but we come bearing good news! Clean makeup, like regular make up, comes in varying price ranges. 

 Here are three brands which have us buzzing:

RMS Makeup .jpg

1.    RMS

RMS is the brain child of Rose Marie Swift who has serious #girlbossgoals. The brand is full of lovely products which are as pure as possible (non-toxic). She is a veteran of the beauty and fashion scene for over thirty years, and also the founder of which aims to “dispel beauty myths and expose some of the dangers of personal care products.”

Kjaer Weis- Make up.jpg

2. Kjaer Weis

Not only is the packaging of Kjaer Weis absolutely gorgeous but the products ooze luxury. They have a full range, everything from lipstick to skin care. Our favourite thing has to be the fact that all of the make-up comes in refillable packaging, so once you’ve emptied the make-up you can use the packaging again (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)!



This Scandinavian cult favourite is everything which makes our hearts beat a little faster- responsible, affordable, and simple. All of her products are produced in Sweden, as locally as possible with only organic vegetable oils. Additionally, all colourants and scents in the products are derived from essential oils and plant extracts. (official website, only is Swedish) (english site, where her products are sold)


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