She Says: Interview with sustainable style blogger Noor @ Tiny Temple

Noor from Tiny Temple

Noor from Tiny Temple

We at No.13 are lucky enough to know and meet a plethora of innovative and knowledgable women who all have a passion for sustainability and conscious-consumption, and are leading a movement in fashion that helps us all make style choices that are kinder to the planet...and as this week celebrates International Women’s Day, we don’t think we would be doing our job if we didn’t share them with you.

Noor is the founder of Tiny Temple which is a sustainable fashion styling service and blog, based in The Netherlands. She just finished medical school and is now working part- time as a doctor and running Tiny Temple (we told you, we know cool women…) Seeking out and understanding the processes involved in sustainabile fashion has become Noor’s passion, so she’s a fountain of knowledge on the subject and her blog is a very cool, informative and inspiring  read – we asked her 5 questions we wanted to know about her journey so far into ‘fair fashion’.

What prompted your interest in sustainable fashion?

Noor- In recent years I started to shop more and more secondhand, because you can find the most amazing one-of- a-kind items (literally) for a very low price. My grandmothers both have/had a great sense of style and I was gifted some of their beautiful items. This inspired me even more to reuse what already exists. Last year I wanted to show others that secondhand does not mean old and dusty, so I started my blog and instagram to share my outfits and tips. Through instagram I found (and even met) a lot of people/brands/organizations who showed me the importance of fair fashion (fair to our planet, but also to our fellow humans and animals). Ever since knowing the impact on the planet of the fashion industry as we know it, there is no way back for me to unfair/unsustainable fashion.

No. 13- What fashion brand makes you go weak at the knees?

Noor- The majority of my wardrobe is secondhand and I don’t buy many things first hand. But, I am very excited about brands that think about their production lines and try to make them as fair and sustainable as possible. I’m happy that major fashion brands like Stella McCartney and Mara Hoffman think about their footprint, while producing amazing clothing. It’s also good to see that brands like Reformation create items that young women are attracted to, which will help to push the masses to fair and sustainable fashion. The only problem there, is that price wise these brands are not accessible for everyone. My favorite brands are small startups who work on changing the world, because it feels like I can relate to them. Also, I like that they create small collections so I can wear items that not many people have.

No. 13- If you could give one tip to people who want to start buying more second hand what would it be?

Noor- Be openminded. Secondhand shopping when searching for something specific is really hard. If you shop without expectations you’ll find more things that you like and might fit, although you should refrain from buying too many things you don’t need. But a bad bargain is less bad when it is secondhand in my opinion. If you don’t feel like going to a thrift shop, try a known vintage store, because the odds of finding gems are higher

No. 13- What is your favorite styling service which you offer and why?

Noor-  As much as I like to shop with or for others, I think the ‘Revive your wardrobe’ service is my personal favorite. During this session we will go through your closet and the goal is to make the most of what you already have. So we will try new combinations, I can show you how to dress a specific item and I will show you what the use of accessories can do for your wardrobe. It’s my favorite because I think a wardrobe is a personal place, so I am very grateful to get the chance to ‘see’ this side of someone and join the dressing process.

Find out more about Noor on her blog here or follow her instagram

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