You can’t pour from an empty cup: Self Care top tips

Spring is the perfect time for self care, indeed, the perfect time to help ourselves bloom. We at No. 13 know that the time for self-care can be a commodity that many of us simply don’t have. However, we also know that you can only be as good to others as you are to yourself. That’s why we have complied a list of a few things you can do in just five minutes to practice a little self care.

1.       Beauty Scavenger Hunt- This one is especially good if you are someone who takes public transport to work. Take five minutes to look around you, and find as many beautiful things as you can. What do the clouds look like? What makes the man or woman next to you beautiful? Did you see a beautiful interaction between strangers (you never know…)? This increased awareness of all of the beauty around you will follow you throughout the day.

2.       Five minute journal- The Five Minute Journal is a great way to focus on the good in your life in a very structured way. The journal is broken up into two parts- morning and evening- the morning starts with asking you to list what you are grateful for and what would make today great. The evening asks you to list three amazing things that happened today and what could have made the day even better.

3.       Write someone you care about a ‘just because’ card- Not only are you fostering relationships with the people you care about, but the old adage of helping yourself by helping others rings true. Making someone feel ‘seen’ has a wonderful ripple effect where not only are you doing something for someone else, but they may continue, and do something kind for another person.